• Goat milk soap

    Posted on December 20, 2012 by keukmi in Soap, Soaplog.

    I made goat milk soap today. cocoa powder mixed at bottom layer, for imagine brown leg goat.
    The benefits of goat milk are legendary. It has been used for centuries as a luxusious beauty aid. The low PH level of goat milk is close to our skin’s PH, making it a very gentle, soothing, 100% natural skin cleanser and conditioner. Goat milk also contains alpha hydroxyl acids, which are known for their restorative and rejuvenating qualities.

    今日はゴートミルクの石けん。すそにココアパウダーを混ぜて、すこしおしゃれ仕上げにしてみた。香りはすっきりと柑橘系で。 ゴートミルク石けんは根強いファンが大勢います。ゴートミルクは人間の肌に近いPHなので、肌あたりが柔らかいだけでなく、ゴートミルクに含まれる乳酸AHAは古い角質を取り除く効果があるので、それもうなずけるかも。

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